Land Hero

Almost everyone will have noticed an empty house, a closed down pub, a disused factory, a field, or a long forgotten car park in their village, town or city, and walked or driven past thinking "SOMEONE should do something about that!".

Land Hero are on a serious mission; we are aiming to help you and your community identify redundant land and property which could be used and developed more appropriately for employment, housing or leisure uses.

We need your help to do this and by contributing to this site, you too can be a Land Hero.

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We want YOU to take a photograph of that site and put it on Land Hero; and providing you are not looking to develop the site yourself, we then want to publish the site for people to comment on it and give us their opinion on what should be done with it. We want to bring communities together to have their say in order to find the best solutions for the unwanted sites in their area.

Once we have the initial information, we will liaise with you, identify the owner of the land, understand the constraints on development and start the process of identifying what can be done with it. This process will help you determine whether you want part of the development, want to occupy for housing or commercial occupation or just want to see the land/property developed for your local community. This initial investigation and process will cost you nothing and is a way of using all the experience and expertise at our fingertips to transform the unwanted spaces in your communities.